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Franz Li My study habits. 1) Talk about yourself as a student. I immigrate with my family in 2005, when I was 15 years old. And right now, I am currently a student in high school, the next semester is my final year in high school, therefore my future university is depend on the semester’s mark, so I must work every hard in the next 1 year. 2) Identify strength and weakness. I have a very bright attitude toward my study. I am a quick learner and have a great organization skill, I have a very strong communication skill, and also I can easily to get information that I need from website, on the other hand, I am a Mr. last minute in some times, and I am not a very hard worker as well. 3) Discuss anything which has prevented you from becoming a better student. I have to say there are too many allurements in our daily life that prevent me to become a better student, for example: internet, TV show, night life and so on. For me
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