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G4_Test,_Short_Answer KEVIN

G4_Test,_Short_Answer KEVIN - 1 It was the narration by...

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1) It was the narration by Nick. At the inquest on Myrtle’s death, Michealis tells that Mr. Wilson thought that his wife, Myrtle is cheating on him, which is the real motive for his killing spree. Surprisingly to Nick, Myrtle’s sister, Catherine, lies to the court saying that Myrtle is satisfied with Wilson, which totally contrasts to what she has said in the party introduced in Chapter 2. As a result of this, Wilson is judged as a “madman” with no reason for his killing. This also reveals that the society described in this novel is pitiless, just as its people. 2) This is said by Mr. Klipspringer on the phone with Nick. He calls Nick after Gatsby’s death, not asking for the funeral, but for Nick to send him back his tennis shoes, and when Nick asks him why not just come to ensure his attendance, Klipspringer excuses himself by saying that he is called up for a picnic or something. People all know that a picnic or a party is really nothing compare to someone’s funeral, especially for someone who has provided him so much. This angers Nick, and again reveals the pitiless society in which money is the number one thing above all.
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