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Practice Exam In an effort to provide equal access and fairness to all students, the instructor is providing a sample exam for student review. Although the provided examination gives direction on the instructors’ style of evaluation, it does not indicate exactly what will be on upcoming examinations. Examinations may vary based on format, length, content and other characteristics.
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Practice Exam ACC252 (Chapters 1-4) Multiple choice questions 1. The fixed portion of the cost of electricity for a manufacturing plant is a: a. b. C . d. 2. Which of the following is an example of a period cost? a. Fabric used to produce men's pants. B . Advertising cost for a new product campaign. c. Factory supervisor's salary. d. Monthly depreciation of production equipment 3. Within the relevant range, as the number of units produced increases: a. the variable cost per unit remains the same. b. fixed costs in total remain the same. c. variable costs increase in total. D . All of these. 4. The distinction between indirect and direct costs depends on: a. whether a cost differs between alternatives. b. whether a cost is variable or fixed. c. whether a cost is a product or a period cost. D . whether a cost can be easily traced to the cost object under consideration. 5. A sunk cost is: a. a cost that is planned to be incurred in the near future. B . irrelevant for decision making. c. a cost connected with drilling for oil. d. affected by changes in the level of activity.
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PracticeExam1(withanswers) - Practice Exam In an effort to...

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