Quote - 1 Stanley Catch, meet Stanley is a very straight...

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Stanley “ Catch, meet” Stanley is a very straight and mean person living in lower classes. 2) Stanley “Some people rarely touch it, but it touches them often .” Blanche said that she did not drink at all, but Stanley found the bottle, showed that Blanche was lying 3 )Stanley: “She'll go! Period. P.S. She'll go Tuesday!” Stanley had bought bus ticket for Blanche to go back to Laurel. Showing that Stanley is really mean and curel 4) Stella “Please go home” Stella and Blanche were back from dinner, it was very late, and people were still playing card, she got very upset with the situation. 5) Mitch “But I was a fool enough to believe you was straight” Mitch has been informed about the truth that Blanche was not straight; she was not a virgin at all, and Mitch was fooled by her tricks. 6) Blanche “ Virgo is the Virgin” She’s trying to imply that she’s a virgin, but ironically, she is not a virgin at all, but a prostitute. 7) Blanche [holding tight to his arm]: Whoever you are--I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. Shows the lonely life that Blanche has that depends on the kindness of strangers, and to sleep with different people 8) Blanche: “In my opinion, mad” Blanche tries to break S and S apart…doesn’t like Stella to stay with Stanley 9) Stanley: There is such a thing in this state of Louisiana as the Napoleonic code, according to which whatever belongs to my wife is also mine--and vice versa. Shows that Stanley was upset and suspicious about the loss of Belle Reve 10) Mitch” She says go out and I do, but I don’t enjoy it” Shows that Mitch is a lonly person. 11) Stanley “ Do you know somebody named Shaw?” Stanley asked Blanche about Shaw, showed that he had started investigating on Blanche’s life in Laurel. 12) Blanche” Blind are leading the blind” Stella – blind trust her storeis without questioning. Blanche- blind in her own little world 13) Nergo women “Flores para los muertos.” The flower is usually displayed in funeral, and it is sold in this scene, symblolizes the death of the dream of Blanche marrying Mtich 14)Blanche to Mitch “Show me a person who doesn’t know any sorrow, I’ll show you a super. .“ Shows that Blanche is very sentimental , but drunk 15) Stanley “ Now honey, now love, now now love” Stanley trying to comfort Stella that they will return to their simple and normal life they had before. 16)Blanche “Please, please do”
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Quote - 1 Stanley Catch, meet Stanley is a very straight...

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