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Syracuse University Whitman School of Management ACC252 Managerial Accounting Fall 2011 Professor: Susan M. Albring, Ph.D., M.S., C.P.A. Office: Whitman School of Management 613 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2:20-3:20pm Anytime by appointment. Virtual Office Hours: Anytime E-mail address: [email protected] Telephone: (315) 443-3452 Teaching Assistants: Annie Required Course Materials: Introduction to Managerial Accounting, Brewer, Garrison and Noreen, 5 th edition. (Mc-Graw-Hill/Irwin) Soft cover edition of book with fewer chapters available. Notes for each class are available on the course web page. A basic four function non-programmable calculator is necessary during class and for all exams. TI-83’s, cell phones with a calculator function or any other calculator that can be programmed with text, formulas, or ability to take photos (camera phones) are strictly prohibited in this class at all times. NO sharing of calculators will be allowed during quizzes or exams. It will be necessary to have a basic calculator in class at all times. If you do not have a calculator with you, I will not have any extras with me, hence you will have to complete the quiz/exam without one, and not be given a “break” on the grading for math errors that you may make. To obtain partial credit on problems, all supporting calculations must be shown. Course Prerequisite: ACC151 Blackboard Page: The blackboard page contains solutions to assigned problems as well as pertinent material for the course. In addition, all grades will be posted on the blackboard site. If you note a discrepancy in your grade, please advise me within one week of posting, otherwise the grade will be considered final. Course Objectives: Managerial accounting is concerned with the design and use of accounting information within organizations. During your future professional career you will interact with the accounting systems of many organizations. This course builds on the accounting knowledge learned in financial accounting, and demonstrates the many uses of accounting for a wide range of business. You will learn how organizations use accounting information to price products, plan productions, establish budgets, and generally manage the profitability of the company. Finally, this course will provide you with an understanding of how an accounting system within an organization is both a source of information for making planning decisions as well as part of the control mechanism. 1
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Course Policies: Attendance/Class Participation Students are expected to attend class and to participate in class discussion. Regular attendance and active participation are imperative if this class is to be a meaningful experience for all students. An excessive number of absences and/or a lack of active participation will be considered in determining the final grade in this course. Students will be expected to treat their fellow students and the instructor with respect. Class discussion and differences of opinion should be conducted in a professional manner.
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SyllabusFall2011 - Syracuse University Whitman School of...

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