AST101Fall2011Syllabus - AST101: Our Corner of the Universe...

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Unformatted text preview: AST101: Our Corner of the Universe Fall 2011 Syllabus 1 General Information Contact Information Lecturer: Prof. Duncan Brown, Physics Building Room 263-1 e-mail: [email protected] Phone: 443-5993 Contact Prof. Brown for all academic questions regarding the class. For all administrative ques- tions regarding the class please contact the Diane Sanderson [email protected] , Room 111 Physics Building. Lectures and Labs Lecture section M001: Tuesday, Thursday 12.30pm–1.50pm, Stolkin Auditorium. Lecture section M002: Tuesday, Thursday 2pm–3.20pm, Stolkin Auditorium. Lab sections meet in room B129E or B129W, located in the basement of the Physics Building. The lab schedule and names of the TAs will be posted on the lab door. Office Hours Prof. Brown’s office hours are Wednesday 4.30pm–6.30pm, Friday 2pm–4pm, or by appointment. Please feel free to see Prof. Brown during office hours or by appointment to discuss any difficulties or questions you have regarding the course. Textbooks The following books are required for the course: • Investigating Astronomy: A Conceptual View of the Universe 1st edition. Slater and Freedman. (W. H. Freeman & Company.) ISBN-13 978-1429210638. This is textbook for the class and the syllabus contains required reading from this text. • Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy 2nd edition. Prather, Slater, Adams and Bris- senden. (Addison-Wesley/Pearson.) ISBN 0132392267. This book will be used in class. • Engaging in Astronomical Inquiry. Slater, Slater and Lyons. (W.H. Freeman & Company.) ISBN-13 978-1429258609. This book is the required lab manual. These books are available in a package from the SU Bookstore. If you purchase them separately, you must make sure that you purchase all of these items otherwise you will not be able to complete lab and homework assignments. You will also need to purchase an access code for Mastering Astronomy. This is included with the SU bookstore bundle of the Lecture Tutorial book, or it may be purchased separately. Mastering Astronomy is described in the homework section below. 1 We will be using the Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy in class, so it is important that you bring your Lecture Tutorial book to every lecture. You must also bring your copy of Engaging in Astronomical Inquiry to every lab section. Blackboard The SU Blackboard web site ( ) will be used for all class communica- tion. This send emails to you address, so make sure that you read emails sent to this account. 2 Course Description Astronomy 101, Our Corner of the Universe, is devoted to an understanding of the solar system and our place in it. We will discuss our Earth, the Sun and the Moon, and the planets. We will also deal with simple aspects of the sky, including observations. You will be required to think about how we have gained such a sophisticated understanding of this part of the Universe, not simply to learn the currently accepted facts. In the process, we hope you will better appreciate the nature oflearn the currently accepted facts....
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AST101Fall2011Syllabus - AST101: Our Corner of the Universe...

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