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1.identify what the symbol of the green light represents? 2.what purpose does Doctor T.J.Eckleberg have in the novel? 3.describe how the symbol of the automcbile is used in the novel? 4.state one of the wild rumours about Mr.Gatsby? 5.what is the turning point in the novel?why do you feel this way? and contrast the marriage of Tom and Daisy with that of George and Myrtle Wilson. 7.which character in the novel do you like least?state why. 8.why is this story a tragedy? identify any 4 (and ONLY 4)of the following 6 passages:
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Unformatted text preview: each passage is worth two marks. you will only get full marks if you can identify the speaker and then give a detailed analysis to the relevance it has in the story. a.."Don't talk. I want to hear what happens." b.."I hope she will be a fool. ..a beautiful little fool." c.."No one swooned back on Gatsby and no French bob touched Gatsby's shoulder" d.."Are you in love with me?" e.."There are only the pursued, the pursuer, the busy and the tired." d.."Five years next November."...
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