The Great Gatsby - The Great Gatsby- Summary and Analysis...

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The Great Gatsby- Summary and Analysis Notes prepared by Mario Pietrangelo Chapter 1 In chapter 1 we are introduced to the narrator, Nick Carraway, who is going to be telling us the story of a man named Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a mysterious man, with a mysterious past - much of the book involves an attempt to discover who the real Jay Gatsby is! Nick tells us that he is from a relatively prominent family, who are located in the Midwest of the United States. The Carraway family made their money in the hardware business. Nick is a graduate from Yale University, which along with Harvard University, is one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, if not the world. Nick has returned from World War 1, and decides to try and make a career for himself in the stock and bonds business。 He moves to Long Island, New York since New York is the centre of American business. The story starts off in the summer of 1922. Nick moves into a section of Long Island called West Egg. This is the “less fashionable” of the two areas. East Egg is the more wealthy area of the two sections, which would have been inhabited by families who have been rich for many generations. West Egg would also be a wealthy area, but the main difference is that the people in this section have made their money more recently. Therefore, they do not have the same connections or prestige as the families living in East Egg. Many people located in East Egg would be snobbish and look down on the newly rich of West Egg. (A good memory device to remember the distinction between the two areas is to remember the word MONEY. Money has the letter E in it. Therefore, East Egg is the “more fashionable” or prestigious of the two areas). Nick happens to move beside Jay Gatsby, who owns a massive house which is more like a French Palace, rather than just an ordinary mansion. Right away we know that Gatsby is a man of importance because of the great wealth he has recently acquired. Many rumours exist involving Gatsby throughout the story. Is he a spy? Is he a killer? Is he a bootlegger? The true identity of Gatsby is slowly revealed as the story progresses. Nick decides to take go to dinner in East Egg and visit his cousin Daisy Buchanan, whom he has not seen in quite some time. Daisy is married to a man named Tom who is from an extremely wealthy family. Nick tells us that he went to school with Tom, who was a great football star. While at Daisy’s house, Nick is introduced to the beautiful Jordan Baker. Nick and Jordan end up dating each other. During the dinner we see that Tom is a racist. He talks about a book, The Rise of the Coloured Empires . He seems to think that the whites have to do whatever they can to maintain superiority. Daisy, Nick and Jordan think Tom is foolish. He likes to read books which he doesn’t understand.
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The Great Gatsby - The Great Gatsby- Summary and Analysis...

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