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English Assignments jounals

English Assignments jounals - p The saddest moment in my...

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You Must Hand These In: English 1) Journals: a) My Most Embarrassing Moment b) If I could I would c) My Pet Peeve/I time when I failed d) What I desire Most e) When I have been the most angry f) My favourite TV show and why g) Character sketch on four main characters of the play. h) Why is Mitch’s rejection of Blanche like a death sentence for her. i) Do you think Blanche ever really had a chance to be happy? j) Movie review k) Descriptive essay-importance of extra curricular activities. l) Song lyrics analysis m) Character sketch of General Zaroff n) The concept of gift giving in The Gift of the Magi. o) Was there happiness in the Rocking Horse Winner?
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Unformatted text preview: p) The saddest moment in my life q) The importance of friendship r) My family s) My favourite hobby. 9) Discuss how deceptions are used in the story. 10) Will their relationship get divorce or they will work out their problem? 11) Discuss the idea of identities and mistaken identities. This component will be worth 10% of your mark. You can do all of them. I will count your ten best. If you only do 10, then each will count as part of your mark worth 10%. The ten best journals will be totaled out of 100, and then divided by ten to get your mark worth 10%....
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  • Winter '10
  • ADMS3330
  • Interpersonal relationship, Giving, Extracurricular activity, EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, Pet Peeve/I time

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