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Presentations rubric - 7 Pick out 3 or 4 significant...

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Presentations You are making an analysis of the scene. Most students did a good job with presentations of the short stories in unit 1 and unit 2. I want something similar to those presentations. The only difference is that you are analyzing a scene in a play, as opposed to a complete story. The play will have scenes which add drama and build upon each other. I want you to be able to identify the key points in the scene you are presenting. Here is a list of some of the things I am looking for. 1) You should be talking about conflicts in the scene. 2) Discuss the character development of the main characters. 3) Outline the plot of what is occurring in this scene. 4) Talk about the setting. 5) Explain why this scene is important in relation to the rest of the play. 6) The use of symbolism and/or thematic importance.
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Unformatted text preview: 7) Pick out 3 or 4 significant quotations to emphasize your points.- I am looking for you and your partners to have a good voice when you present. - I want you to project confidence, giving me the feeling that you really know what you are talking about.- I want to see that you were really well prepared.-I want you to be able to capture the attention of your classmates. Make eye contact as much as possible. (Try to have most of what you are going to say in your mind already. Use a paper just for point notes, but don't just read everything from a paper.)- I want to see good teamwork with your partners.-I want you to stay within about 10 minutes for the presentation.-I want you to be able to answer any questions I ask you and your team members....
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