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Journal from Franz Li - Franz Li Friendship(Journal...

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Unformatted text preview: Franz Li Friendship (Journal 1) "Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure." This quote is a Jewish saying. People have many different thoughts as to what the meaning of friendship is, but honestly is there just one? Friendship has many different meanings and many different qualities. It's definition and meaning depend on the type of person you are. In life everyone will meet many people that say that they are your friend, but you will make only a few true friends . What is a friend? In the dictionary a friend is defined as one that is not hostile, or one attached to another by affection or esteem, a favored companion . In my opinion a friend is much more than that. A friend is some one that will stand by you, even during the toughest times. To me friendship is about believing in your friends and helping them to achieve all they can or want to do in life. We are there for each other with hugs, advice, kind words, fights, and anger, whatever comes along. When the day ends, we are still friends who have each other no matter what happens. We all have a desire to have friends. It is what makes us reach out of our shells and take the chance of being hurt. It is not easy figuring out who is a friend and who is not. True friendships come along so rarely, a true friend is there for you when you need them. To have a true friend is a remarkable thing. To find someone that shares similar interests, who cares about whom you are and what you are doing. A true friend is there for you when you need them. Someone who you are not embarrassed to cry in front of, who you can tell the deepest darkest secrets to and know they will be safe. An old rule of thumb is that a true friend is someone you can call after months or ever years and speak as if not a day had passed. Dina and I have experienced this, we were parted from each other for about a year and half while she was away at her first year university and I moved back to Victoria B.C. to spend some time with my mom. Once we came in contact again with each other to attend university it was as though we never skipped a beat. Without our friendships, we are indeed lost. Whatever happens, we should always keep our true friends close to our heart. Tell them how much they mean to you. Do not let them slip away. If they do, go out and get them back. The bonds we make during these days will serve to keep us going in the months and years ahead. The role of happiness in our life (Journal 2) It is undeniable that man, in its general sense, is one of the most complicated creatures in the world. People vary based on their unique characters and emotional features; some of them are usually sad and some others are usually happy. In my point of view, we are born to enjoy our lives and happiness is a key to achieve this goal. Due to the fact that human being is very complicated in emotional and feeling aspects, it is very difficult to describe the emotions certainly and scientifically. However, some fundamental factors such as our physical status, expectation to life and...
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Journal from Franz Li - Franz Li Friendship(Journal...

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