Bu121 Final - 1. Explain 4 actions that management might...

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1. Explain 4 actions that management might take either prior to the onset of a strike or during a strike that would increase their ability to withstand it? - Stockpiling: If it’s the king of work that can be stockpiled then they can have 6 month to a year of inventory stored. - Subcontracting: Producing inventory in a different plant/company/country - Skeleton staff: Is the bare minimum number of employees needed to run a business/or in strike the number of people who are not part of union. - Strike breakers: Part of the union but will cross the picket line or replacement workers - Strike insurance: Get income during a strike but expensive when not on strike (Sporting games) 2. Compare and contrast craft and industrial unions with respect to the composition of their membership and their resources of power. How do their sources of power work? - Craft union is made up of workers who have a specific craft, skill or trade. So unique skill unites them, not where they work. Whereas industrial union is made up of people in same industry or company. Craft union’s power comes from skill. They create monopoly over scarce resource by bonding everyone together. Whereas industrial union’s strength is in numbers. The nature of the work craft people do is very sequential, so if one craft in the sequence walks, the next crafts cannot do their work, so it’s hard for managers to ignore or resist the union strikes. Whereas, in industrial union management can use various techniques to withstand strike. That’s why craft union strikes are little violent but industrial union strike can be violent. 3.
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Bu121 Final - 1. Explain 4 actions that management might...

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