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Take notes!! Conversion of res… Physical, financial, human and informational – resources Relationship b/w marketing and operation Marketing – generate ideas; oper – physically produce those goods; finance to provide the capital Operations doesn’t just reflect a good; production only for goods. Switching to OP because we’re now a service based economy. Productional manager plan, organize, schedule, control. Resources, land, human, capital, material transformation activities products or services Outcome people with satisfied needs finished goods Pro ch intangible, customized,unstorable, high vs low contact tangible Combined separate Integrated, focus on both focus on outcome Cust servlink Strong, affectts location, hoiurs of operation,weak capacity, etc Assurance, reliability, empathy reliability, durability, ease of use, and maint. responsivemess, tangibles
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Operatons planning Planning short and long term, consider external factors See text Competitive approaches: Mass production – many identical products: ski lift; keep costs low Mass customization – produce modules using mass production, but assemble to suit customer. Eg dell. Customization – produce one ata time to customer specifications eg haircut, kinkos. Converting inputs to outputs Process manuf: basic input is broken down to one or more outputs Forestry; accounting services Assembly: car manuf, university (faculty, curr, classrooms, library, technology, books to turn stud into grads) High contact – customore in system – restaurant Low contact – customer not needed in system – newspaper delivery Location
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General_Notes_Operations - Take notes! Conversion of res...

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