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CASE HAND-IN Content Worksheet * This is NOT the format for writing up the case – only a vehicle for organizing your thoughts and arguments. For hand-ins, this must be word-processed, not hand-written! IDENTIFICATION OF ISSUE(S) What is the problem? Outlined immediately after memo heading in your write- up to provide context Immediate problems: She has to choose one of the three options as soon as possible to maximize her profit from sales. She is concerned about the profit that would be generated from the James offers. Primary problem: Business is not generating at the level she desires and wants to expand her company to generate more profit. Secondary problem: She is not receiving enough profit to fund her university education Her company is successful on very small scale due to low sales volume She is not receiving profit at the level that she desire. The dimensions of the products were restricted. Her capital was restricted The deal between James and Samantha was a consignment. She has to sell stuff her self if it’s not sold in spa.
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ANALYSIS OF SITUATION What are the causes and
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Case_Content_Worksheet_with_guidance - CASE HAND-IN Content...

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