CASE_styl_ rubrik_for_informal_report

CASE_styl_ rubrik_for_informal_report - (subjective...

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4 3 2 1 – 0 GRADE ORGANIZATION/ STRUCTURE clear and logical structure appropriate order used space creatively effective headings appropriate length relatively clear and logical structure inappropriate order did not use high information headings went over page limits structure unclear went well over page limits ineffective headings – long and/or not parallel no logical structure very weak headings did not appear to follow informal report guidelines READABILITY written clearly and concisely written objectively used simple language properly focused effective use of vertical lists appropriate use of illustrations where necessary relatively clear and concise assumptions unclear used some wordy language, not specific vertical lists did not use parallel phrasing illustrations not integrated into text or referred to not clearly nor concisely written opinions unsubstantiated lots of wordy and/or inappropriate
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Unformatted text preview: (subjective) language central message unclear inappropriate use of vertical lists illustrations unclean very difficult to follow – had to reread parts used unprofessional language PARAGRAPH AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE & EDITING paragraphs organized around one idea only and linked to each other avoided sentence fragments and run-on sentences appropriate grammar and punctuation some weak paragraph and sentence structure some inappropriate grammar and punctuation spelling errors – zero tolerance weak paragraph and/or sentence structure throughout inappropriate grammar and punctuation used throughout poorly written - needs to be edited recommend making appointment at Writing Centre many spelling errors /12 CASE HAND-IN Style Expectations and Marking Guide Final Grade on Case _____ / 24 Content (2/3) + _____ / 12 Style (1/3) = %...
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CASE_styl_ rubrik_for_informal_report - (subjective...

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