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Spring 2008 Case Study: Hair Impact Samantha Wakeham became the owner of Hair Impact in 1991, a business which manufactures and markets hair accessories within St. John's and Mount Pearl. The company had been somewhat successful in the past two years and Samantha was seriously considering expansion in the near future. Samantha was offered a business proposition in April 1993 by a local businessperson, Mr. Jamie Campbell, the owner of a local exercise spa Healthy Living. Jamie was interested in marketing Samantha's products at the spa on a monthly basis. Samantha was definitely interested in Jamie's offer; however, she was concerned about her ability to supply her hair products to the spa at a profit. Jamie, being aware of Samantha's concerns, offered Samantha three choices. Background Information Hair Impact had been supplying hair accessory products to a limited market for the past two years. Samantha Wakeham, a first year university student, established the hair business in 1991, during grade 11 high school to save money for her university education. She was selling three types of hair products: scrunches, clips, and headbands. As it currently operated , Hair Impact was a small scale operation , however Samantha was interested in expanding. Jamie Campbell approached Samantha about selling her hair products in the spa after being informed by a friend that Samantha was a hard-working individual who was interested in expansion. The Business As the sole owner and only employee of Hair Impact, Samantha was responsible for all of the company activities. She commenced the manufacturing and marketing operations with her own personal funds and she worked long hours to manufacture the hair accessories. Each of the products required approximately the same amount of time to
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Hair_Impact_Case - Spring 2008 Case Study Hair Impact...

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