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CASE HAND-IN Content Worksheet * This is NOT the format for writing up the case – only a vehicle for organizing your thoughts and arguments. IDENTIFICATION OF ISSUE(S) What is the problem/opportunity? Outlined immediately after memo heading in your write- up to provide context Immediate problem: The club is currently experiencing losses and needs to breakeven Primary Problem: The club facilities are not satisfying its members or attracting new members. Changes need to be made to the club. Secondary Problems: conflict between administration and faculty ANALYSIS OF SITUATION What are the causes and effects of the problem? What are the constraints in coming up with a solution? What analysis did you do to develop your recommendation(s)? Is not directly placed in your write-up but is used to support your recommendations & arguments and aids in your thought process Inadequate advertising Not enough food (runs out after 1pm) Not enough space (noisy and crowded) Attempt to get a bigger part Not enough food and food variety Notification of events ahead of time (if its successful, we’ll increase events) Need for entertainment (billiards and darts) Members want increased service hours (12 to 2 and 5-7) Decrease wages (They are currently too high, increased $10,000 over the year, provide bonuses if there is a surplus) Set amount for membership (~$70) Non-members and members pay the same price for food, and non members have access to the club without paying membership fee? What’s they point in being in the club DECISION CRITERIA What are the objectives that the solution must satisfy?
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Case_Content - CASE HAND-IN Content Worksheet This is NOT...

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