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New Venture – Feasibility Analysis “Dispenso Bin Inc.” PRODUCT FEASIBILITY Dispenso Bin is a highly practical waste disposal device that is specially shaped to easily dispense biodegradable and scented bags. It is an ingenious innovation of the traditional bin, with a built in compartment that stores garbage bags and easily dispenses them. Dispenso Bin’s goal is to facilitate the chore of replacing a garbage bag after each use. Consumers today are continuously looking for products that would furthermore add convenience to their everyday lives. Therefore it is likely that they will buy something that saves them time and effort. Also, the “green” or environmentally friendly trend is continuously expanding in the business world as consumers grow more aware of the effects of pollution on the environment. Dispenso Bin Inc. encourages the use of environmentally friendly products as it continues to produce its biodegradable products. The bin itself is composed of purely recycled plastics. It is constructed of only the highest quality recycled materials, to maintain a durable structure. Each and every bag that is offered for Dispenso Bin is made of biodegradable compounds and has a substantially strong hold. At the bottom of the bin, a cartridge of bags can easily be locked into place. Every time a bag is full and needs to be taken out to the curb, the upward pulling motion of the full bag will automatically pull up a new bag to replace it. It basically dispenses biodegradable and scented bags like a tissue box—one after the other. The bags also have a tie-up feature, which is also made of biodegradable plastics. The scent of the bags is a light and pleasant aroma, meant to create a more satisfying atmosphere. As some consumers may not fully enjoy the fragrance of the bags, a 1
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line of unscented bags can be offered. Dispenso Bin is available in three sizes: small and medium household bins, and large industrial bins for businesses. The household bins are the perfect size to fit under any sink cabinet, closet, or even against a wall without causing any inconvenience. They will feature a lid that opens and closes with a high quality foot pedal. Because the lid may pose as an obstacle for wrapping the garbage bags around the top, the bags will be specially designed to exactly fit the top of the bin. Usability Test To test for an estimate number of consumers that might be potential buyers, a survey was conducted on a random basis. Both household and business owners were questioned. According to a usability survey, consumers are most likely to purchase Dispenso Bin. It is deemed as highly appealing in a way that it is environmentally friendly, and it greatly facilitates the dreadful chore of replacing a garbage bag. Because Dispenso Bin Inc. will only have to patent its bin’s original shape, its products will be quite affordable to general house owners. With the price of $15 for a small bin and $20 for a medium one, consumers are willing to buy the product along with its
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final_feasibility_analysis bu111 - New Venture Feasibility...

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