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BUS 121 – MIDTERM EXAM STUDY FRAMEWORK Part A: 10 marks multiple choice – no correction factor Part B: 60 marks short answers – 10 marks accounting, 50 marks marketing Part C: 30 marks problems – 10 marks CVP, 20 marks combined problem – CVP, Accounting combined problem (merchandising corporation) TOTAL 100 marks – 3 ½ hours ACCOUNTING (33-35%) financial vs. managerial accounting G.A.A.P. – what, why, audit and auditor’s statement, concepts balance sheet vs. income statement – manufacturing vs. merchandising company accounting equation combined problem C-V-P ANALYSIS (10%) fixed vs. variable costs, relevant range, margin of safety breakeven – approaches, uses – application contribution margin vs. contribution rate, uses – application MARKETING (55-57%) #1 Key marketing concept
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