Situations to be addressed - non-member people they said...

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Situations to be addressed Memorial University Faculty/Staff Club faces a serious problem that it is  currently experiencing losses. This is the obvious (immediate) problem, according to the last year income statement, the club  has been facing financial deficit. As a non profit entity they don’t really to make decent profit, but  shouldn’t be facing deficit either. They just need to breakeven and achieve an appropriate profit. The club facilities are not satisfying its members and are hard to attract   new  members due to the improper regulations. These are the main root causes of the immediate problem (primary). According to the survey  and the comment, many members indicate the club entertainment should be more variety and  they are unsatisfying the service hour, club environment and the space of the club. For those 
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Unformatted text preview: non-member people they said about the club fee and indicate the promotion and advertising is not enough. Conflict between administration and faculty This is a secondary problem because the solution may not solve this issue. Because the administration is not the only target market for us. MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY FACULTY/STAFF CLUB, INC STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31, 1989 Receipts from catering and bar services 14317 Disbursements for catering and bar services 150082 Excess of disbursements over receipts from catering and bar services 6908 Catering and bar supplies 9484 Christmas bonuses / General expenses 5915 Upgrade food service area 5000 20403 Operating deficit 27311 Membership fees 30247 Interest received 6079 36326 Excess of receipts over disbursements (disbursements over receipts) for the year 9015...
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Situations to be addressed - non-member people they said...

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