Feb 06, 2008 - Key points for the Human Resource Advantage...

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Unformatted text preview: Key points for the Human Resource Advantage Align with business goals and objectives Organizational structure Consider the culture you want in every element of HR design non-monetary benefits o Create a culture, atmosphere and emotion to make people want to work Compensation factors, sources of information Benefits statutory, fit with employee, cost Number of people o Relate to process, projected volumes, hours, customer flow, floor space, exits, span of control Span of control: how many managers? How many levels of management? Key points from last class Perceptual mapping and preference analysis (make sure you can do that) o Purpose Idea of trying to find the target market o Steps; locating target market Focus on what the customers are not getting Positioning No.2 key consistency in marketing mix/4Ps Core Benefit proposition CBP Product o Life cycle Identification of stage Effect on marketing mix/4Ps Decision at saturation change speed of cycle Planned obsolescence How they buy it tells you how you sell it o Product classification Affects other decision (even apart from products) Lecture Theory in use Attack of the monster Cinemas How is the megaplex theatre concept positioned in the entertainment market? o Between watching at home and going to live concerts How do they make money? o Where is the highest contribution? Concession, because ticket prices goes towards fixed costs Product differentiation To prove that the product satisfies wants and needs that the competition does not that it has a unique benefit o creation of real or perceived product differences o How does it differ Theory in use: Massaging the Message What does the article say about differentiation? What is the myth and what is reality?...
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Feb 06, 2008 - Key points for the Human Resource Advantage...

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