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HW4 - bulk temperature is different from the assumed mean...

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CHE 303-Problem Set 4 Due Nov. 9 (Wednesday), 2011, 4PM Water at 20 o C enters a tube with a square cross-section. Each side of this cross-section=3 cm. Mass velocity of water=0.001 m 3 /s. For a constant wall temperature of 80 o C, estimate the exit temperature of water using a) Reynolds analogy and b) Prandtl Analogy. Total length of the tube is 20 cm. Only do one iteration and comment on how the calculated mean
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Unformatted text preview: bulk temperature is different from the assumed mean bulk temperature. Note : this problem is similar to the example 1 in chapter 19 of the Welty/Wicks book, 5 th edition, so there will be no partial marks for just copying the same method from the book. For each of the expressions for q1, q2 etc., please provide 2-3 sentences explaining why you use this expression and solve the entire problem....
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