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EE4215 Tutorial 1 <suggested answer> 1. Why we need computer security? Data Security requirements The Network Criminal Hackers Hacker’s Prey Employee Passwords 2. How we can secure our computer information via access violation? >>> by means of means of authentication using technologies on: What you have What you know What you do What you are 3. How we can impose threats to computer systems? >>> Credit Card Fraud; Data Communication Fraud;Unauthorized Access;Unlawful Copying 4. What are the common ways of infringing computer security? >>> refer section 14 twelve ways 5. What are most popular ways of securing our computers? - Secured waste - Internal controls - Auditor checks - Applicant screening - Passwords Control - Built-in software protection
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Unformatted text preview: -Backup systems-Surge Protector 6. How many ways to prevent computer crime?-Detection using Systems-Prosecution using Law-Security using Technologies-Access Control using Authentications 7. What are pest programs? State difference worms and virus.-pest programs are those bad program which can destroy data, or in the least, disrupt computer systems.-A worm is a pest program in form of a “separate file” that transfers itself from computer to computer over a network.-A computer virus is a set of “illicit instructions” in the form of an “incomplete file or pest program” that gets passed on to other programs or documents with which it comes in contact and becomes “active”....
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EE4215_t1-sol - -Backup systems-Surge Protector 6 How many...

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