EE4215_t2-sol - Use a taxonomy to show the relationship of a operators programmers internal staff external staff and outsider against b information

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EE4215 Tutorial 2 <suggested answers> 1. What is the simplified approach for a System Security Engineer to tackle a computer security problem? <Chapter 2 slides 9-15> 2. What is threat tree? What are the steps for developing a threat tree? How critical, effort and risk are defined? How risk factor is used for assessing the risk of being attack? <chapter 2 slide 16 & slides 20-28 OR FAQ Part 21> 3. What is attack taxonomy? Give examples of some risk based empirical attack.
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Unformatted text preview: Use a taxonomy to show the relationship of a) operators, programmers, internal staff, external staff and outsider against b) information theft, masquerading, abuse and pest programs. <chapter 2 slides 30-36 OR 2009 Test solution> 4. What is the difference between Trojan Horses and Virus? What is self reproducing program and how to write a virus program? <chapter 2 slides 47,48,51 and 53-55 >...
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