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EE4215 Tutorial 4 1. What is Logistic security approach for providing computer security? Give some examples 2. What is i) Computer Generated Password ii) Tunable Password iii) Dynamic Password? How the one time password is related to i) ii) and iii). 3. What are the common methods for cracking password. State some effective approaches to prevent cracking. 4. What Key Management Approach is import in Logistic Security Approach? 5. Describe Public Key Protocol. 6. Describe Private Key Protocol. 7. State the concept of Secure Terminal/Host Communication. Give illustration. 8. How to encrypt and decrypt in RSA? Give example. 9. What is the concept of Arbitrated Protocol? What is the extended use of Arbitrated Protocol? 10. What is digital signature? How can it be used?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Describe the concept of Discretionary Access Control and Mandatory Access Control. What are their limitations. 12. What is Covert Channel? What is the mechanism of providing security function using covert channel? State the differences between Covert Storage Channel and Covert Timing Channel. 13. What is Resource Matrix? How can it be used to unveil the existence of covert channels? 14. What are privileges and roles? How attacker uses privilege and role to attack the computer? 15. What is transformation and revocation? How attacker uses transformation and revocation to attack the computer? 16. State the principles of secret kernel and how to make secret kernel difficult to be un-infiltrated....
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