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EE4215 Tutorial 4 (solution) 1. What is Logistic security approach for providing computer security? Give some examples [Chapter 4 slide 3] 2. What is i) Computer Generated Password ii) Tunable Password iii) Dynamic Password? How the one time password is related to i) ii) and iii). 3. [Chapter 4 slides 10-12] 4. What are the common methods for cracking password. State some effective approaches to prevent cracking. [Chapter 4 slides 13-15] 5. What Key Management Approach is import in Logistic Security Approach? [Chapter 4 slides 21-26] 6. Describe Public Key Protocol. [Chapter 4 slides 27-28] 7. Describe Private Key Protocol. [Chapter 4 slides 29-30] 8. State the concept of Secure Terminal/Host Communication. Give illustration. [Chapter 4 slides 31-35] 9. How to encrypt and decrypt in RSA? Give example. [Chapter 3 slides 69] 10. What is the concept of Arbitrated Protocol? What is the extended use of Arbitrated Protocol? [Chapter 4 slides 37-40] 11. What is digital signature? How can it be used? [Chapter 4 slides 43-44]
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Describe the concept of Discretionary Access Control and Mandatory Access Control. What are their limitations. [Chapter 4 slides 45-53] 13. What is Covert Channel? What is the mechanism of providing security function using covert channel? State the differences between Covert Storage Channel and Covert Timing Channel. [Chapter 4 slides 46-62] 14. What is Resource Matrix? How can it be used to unveil the existence of covert channels? [Chapter 4 slides 63-64] 15. What are privileges and roles? How attacker uses privilege and role to attack the computer? [Chapter 4 slides 67-71] 16. What is transformation and revocation? How attacker uses transformation and revocation to attack the computer? [Chapter 4 slides 72-74] 17. State the principles of secret kernel and how to make secret kernel difficult to be un-infiltrated. [Chapter 4 slides 75-80]...
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