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CS4482/6492 Advanced Database Systems Tutorial 11 1. a) create table students1 of StudentType ; ref is stud_id system generated ; create table transcript 1( student ref ( StudentType ) scope students1 , crscode char (6), semester char (6), grade char (1)) b) select t.student->name , t.grade from transcript1 t where t.student->status = ‘FT’ 2. a) Right child of the “Salary 80” would be a new node “Age 50” with left child pointing to a block with data (20,110) and the right child pointing to a block with data (50,100) and (50,120). b) Right child of “Age 35” would point to a new node “Salary 400” with left child
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Unformatted text preview: pointing to a block with data (45,350) and the right child pointing to the block with the data (35,500) and (40, 400). 3. 4. R1  R3, R4  children pointed by the entries for R3 and R4 SE 3,2000 3.20,512 3.20,1024 2,2750 2.20,2048 2.80,2048 1.86,2048 NW NE SE NW NE SE SW SW 2,1250 1.42,512 SW 2.5,875 SE NE NW 2.10,512 SW SE 2.20,1024 2.00,1024 NW 2.75,1063 NE 2.80,1024 2.80,1024 2.66,1024 NW NE SW...
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