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Spectra lab - AST101: Our Corner of the Universe Lab 9:...

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Unformatted text preview: AST101: Our Corner of the Universe Lab 9: Spectra Lab 1 Introduction Objectives In this lab youll use a high quality spectrometer, made by Project STAR, to examine the spectra of a variety of light sources. The main goals are to practice accurately observing and recording the appearance of a spectrum, and to think about the different types of spectra and the characteristics of the objects that create them. Materials A Project STAR spectrometer and various spectral tubes. Using the Spectrometer Eye Hole Source C a l i b r a t e d S c a l e Figure 1: The STAR Spectrometer. Note the locations of the eye hole, the calibrated scale that you look at through the eye hole and the position of the source with respect to the spectrometer. This is explained in detail below. Hold the spectrometer so that you can look through the grating in the narrow end. You should be able to see two rows of calibration marks and numbers. Pay attention to the lower row, which gives the wavelength (in nanometers, or nm) of the light in the spectra above it. To observe a spectrum, keep holding the spectrometer up to your eye, and turn your whole body until the slit at the right-hand side of the front is pointed at the source of light you want to examine. (This is the most counter-intuitive part of the whole procedure. Most people are tempted to just aim the middle of the spectrometer at the light source. Aim the right side instead.) When you have the spectrometer aimed properly, a spectrum of the light source should appear above the...
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Spectra lab - AST101: Our Corner of the Universe Lab 9:...

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