Data Analysis Project F11

Data Analysis Project F11 - • Represent your data using...

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Data Analysis Project Your task in this project is to represent one set of unpaired data in three different ways and one set of paired data in one way, and discuss what you can conclude about the relationships among the data from these representations. Your group will select data from the sets available on Blackboard or from your instructor. In your report, you must : Explain what the data are. (e.g., What variables were involved? What do the data represent?) Discuss a possible way that these data were collected. This may include answering some of the following questions: What equipment was used? What quantities were measured? How often were measurements taken? Where were the data collected? What biases may have effected data collection? What is unknown about the data set that may have influenced the data? Present your sets of data (i.e., be sure to label your data table so the data can be understood by someone who had no knowledge of the data set).
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Unformatted text preview: • Represent your data using appropriate graphical representations (i.e., use representations like the ones we have used in class or others to show the spread of the data, the relationships among the data points, etc.). • Interpret your data (i.e., use the five point summary and/or other methods to explain what you know about your data and the relationship among the data points). You will be assessed according to : Two sets of data (2 points) Explanation of what the data are (2 points) Explanation of possible data collection procedures (2 points) Representations of data (3 points) Interpretation of data (2 points) Quality of written report (2 points) Individual team member’s participation (2 points) Timetable Project assigned on Monday, November 7, 2011 Data sets selected and approved by instructor on Monday, November 14, 2011 Written report due by Wednesday, December 16, 2011...
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Data Analysis Project F11 - • Represent your data using...

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