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MAT 117 Overview of Projects

MAT 117 Overview of Projects - Overview of Projects MAT 117...

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Overview of Projects MAT 117 Foundational Mathematics via Problem Solving I Card Tricks Projects Card tricks aren’t so tricky if you understand the mathematics behind them—they just require a little knowledge about the deck of cards being used and some mathematical know how. In this project you’ll learn a variety of card tricks, investigate why they work, and use the insights you gain to help you devise your own original card tricks. Your final products will include a written paper describing and explaining all the tricks you investigated and a class presentation in which you perform card tricks and explain why they work. Coded Messages Project In this project you’ll explore several aspects of the mathematics related to codes: 1. you will apply statistics to the decoding of simple substitution ciphers, 2. you will use mathematical modeling to investigate how probability theory can assist in increasing the reliability of radio transmitted coded messages, 3.
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