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Unformatted text preview: Quiz Time Quiz Time Logo Design Logo Design "Successful logos work instantly on many levels. Resonating with psychological and cultural references, they are immediately recognizable and easily recalled." ­­ Roslyn Eskind Logos Logos • Predated by Native American feathered headdress and painted body parts • Scottish clan tartan • • Can be seen in Team colors • Mascots • Logos can be… Logos can be… Typographic Abstract Figurative Combination of all Successful Logos Successful Logos • Is a visual summary of a company's identity • Withstand the test of time • Evoke feelings • Are simple • Immediately identifiable Paul Rand He is known for his design of the IBM log as well as the ABC logo. Logos Over Time Logos Over Time Logos Over Time Logos Over Time Designing the Logo Designing the Logo • Define purpose of logo • Establish life expectancy of identity • Know intended audience • Try for ease of communication Can You Find the Can You Find the Hidden Meaning? Hartford Whalers • A form of communication • A form of persuasive communication • A form of persuasive communication • Intended to evoke a response • Persuasion to act a certain way • Buy a product/service • Attend an event • Also informative • Awareness of brand, product, service Advertisement Company Company Need or Demand Persuasion Consumers • An understanding of needs or demands of consumers • Illustrate situation (make them aware) • Show empathy • Manufacture demand (ethically) • How does your product/service address those needs • Identify target audience • Include representative people in the ad • Address their specific needs • Visually represent how you can fulfill needs • Metaphorically • Literally • Include necessary textual information • Contact information • URL to learn more • Slogan • Group­produced ad to market company or product/service • Modeled after traditional magazine/print ad • Alternatives will be considered (see prof) • Updated logo • NO CLIP ART! • Group members encouraged to • • Star in ad Use own photography • Stock photos okay if transformed meaningfully • Will be presented along with • • • Introduction to company Design of ad and advertising campaign What individual members contributed • Due Oct 26th ...
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