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Lasso Selection tools Selection tools (line or object) Healing brush (color match) Clone stamp (color copy) Eraser tools Blur/smudge image Marquee Selection tools Object 3D Move screen tool Selection tools (including magic wand)) Shape tools (including rectange tool) Drawing/painting tools Drawing/painting history Paint bucket and gradient Type tools Move tool Camera 3D Zoom Complex selection Foreground/Background Color Lab: Take a few moments and familiarize yourself with the tool bar and layers window Tool Bar: Click and hold each icon to see other tool options (indicated by small arrow) Layers Window: Hover over icons at the bottom for a description Opacity represents the amount to which you are unable to see through the object to lower layers Lock options to prevent layer editing (lock icon allows no editing) Eye icon shows or hides the layer Link layers Layer Styles Layer mask Adjustment layer Group layers New layer Delete layer Photoshop Tool Bar, History Panel, and Layers Window Reference Guide Tool Bar Layers Window History Panel If you make a mistake, you can “undo” actions in your history panel by clicking the actions. A small arrow is locared next to the actiion you are currently on.
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Step 1: Launch Photoshop Start -- Programs -- (some computers: Adobe Design Premium CS5) -- Photoshop Step 2: Open New Document ctnl + N OR File -- New A New Document dialog box will open Photoshop Lab Facebook Logo Step 3: Set up Document For this lab use: 8 x 8 inches, resolution 300, RGB color, white background Extra Tools to Reference for Your Project: Set width and height with appropriate unit (inches, pixels, etc.) Set resolution (Resolution represents pixels per inch - the quality of the image) 300 is “high-res” and is used for print materials 72 is “low-res” and is used on the web and digital screens I recommend using a high-resolution until ready for web publication, then re-size Set color mode (RGB is default and is best for digital images, CMYK for print) Set background contents (background color default is white) Step 4: Create New Layer For this lab: Open the layers window by pressing F7 -OR- Menu Bar - Windows - Layers The window will appear on the lower right side of the screen
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PhotoshopLab_v4 - Photoshop Tool Bar History Panel and...

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