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FINAL CASE ASSIGNMENT fall 2010 - to the success and...

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FINAL CASE ASSIGNMENT You are analysts in a large corporation that has operations in many businesses and industries. As part of the corporate-level strategy of this firm, a number of potential acquisitions are actively being considered. The companies under consideration happen to be the individually assigned companies that each of you selected at the beginning of our course. Phase 1 of this process involves the elimination of the 2 weakest acquisition candidates from consideration. You are to present a risk analysis to the corporate management for each of your companies and make a recommendation for eliminating 2 candidates from consideration. Your recommendation should be based on the current strategies of each firm and your assessment of the issues most relevant
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Unformatted text preview: to the success and sustainability of their strategies. In other words, select the 2 firms with the weakest strategies and support your selections. Each team should prepare a class presentation of no more than 10 minutes that summarizes your conclusions and thinking. You will be graded on the presentation and presentation materials. A solid presentation should do the following: ◊ Tell us the team’s approach. ◊ Correctly use concepts from class. ◊ Stick to RELEVANT issues about your firms. ◊ Focus on the criteria for your selections. ◊ Have uncluttered visual aids. ◊ Stick to the time limit The dates of your presentations will be assigned in class....
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