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Google Team Case Discuss the case thoroughly in preparation for our class team case discussion Wednesday, November 2nd. Your team must agree on the business-level strategy of Infosys and defend your decision in class. Select a precise position on the Porter 4 strategy matrix. You are to consider the 2 basic dimensions of business-level strategy; WHO is the customer and WHAT is the need being served. For the WHO dimension, decide on the DEGREE to which you believe the target is either focused or broad . For the What dimension, decide on the DEGREE to which you believe
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Unformatted text preview: the need being served is either cost leadership or differentiation . Draw a picture & explain! Decide what you believe to be the greatest risk to this strategy . A team member of your choosing will have 3 to 4 minutes to make the argument to the class. Prepare a short summary of your position by November 2nd that explains your team’s decision on the 2 dimensions. One to two pages maximum. Hand this in at the 11/2 class with names of participating team members. Your grade will be a combination of the conciseness and thoughtfulness of both the argument and your summary....
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