CournotPracticeProblems - ECON 410: Cournot/Bertrand...

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Unformatted text preview: ECON 410: Cournot/Bertrand Practice Problems Assignment Overview: This assignment is designed to enhance your understanding of game theory. Required Research: The Science of Choice , Chapter 9 Assumptions and Agreements: 1. The assignment will not be graded. Topics will be on the final. 2. Individuals can discuss the assignment with anyone they’d like. 3. All email questions concerning the HW should be sent to [email protected] . We will not be checking the HW mailbox anymore. 4. You may ask any question regarding this (or earlier) HW’s at any EIM session. We will not be holding additional HW sessions. 5. For all problems, assume that it is possible to purchase fractional quantities of the goods. 6. For all problems, assume only non-negative quantities of the goods can be purchased. 7. Funny-looking answers don’t necessarily mean you did something wrong. In some cases, the answer is completely right. In other cases (for instance, if you find the optimal bundle has negative units of one of the goods), it might mean an interior solution does not exist. Section 1:...
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CournotPracticeProblems - ECON 410: Cournot/Bertrand...

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