{Dram} ~ Lecture Notes Before Exam 1

{Dram} ~ Lecture Notes Before Exam 1 - Dram 120 ~ Drama(Raw...

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Dram 120 ~ 8/24/2011 Drama (Raw material of the play itself/storytelling) -> Life (imitate life) -> Theater (Performance) -> Drama {Triangle} Hughes – The Breakfast Club Witkowski – German “historian is a prophet backwards”. Wilde Ritual -> Imitation -> Art { cinema, novel, sculpture – which predate drama) Dram 120 ~ 8/26/2011 ~ From the Page to the Stage Aristotle o 335 BC. Wrote Poetics . Wrote about six major elements. Plot Characters Language Thought { Themes } Rhythm {How it moves along.}{ Acting } Spectacle { Stagecraft }{Lights, effects, etc.} Beyond that: the third triangle Context -> Subject -> Treatment o Three versions, varying by the date in which they were filmed. They all use the same dialogue/language, but with different effects, etc. o Version #1 {From 1936.} Black and white. Elegant. Graceful. Old fashioned costume design. More eloquent tone in their speech. Static experience because of the technology at the time. Actors were rather old. o Version #2 {From 1960.} Poor quality color, but color nonetheless. Singer. Younger actors/actresses. A lot more playful/shy/bashful. More drops are utilized. The nurse is more comical. o Version #3 More modern in relevance to our current society. Costumes are like a typical costume party today. Back singer. More playful than the other versions (what you would consider two teenagers.) Looks genuinely more intimate than the previous versions. Minimized role of nurse. Dram 120 ~ 8/29/2011 ~ Drama & Theatre: Susan Glaspell’s Trifles
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Produced very cheaply by company. Financial incentives were low. Her husband was running the company; she, herself, never planned on being a playwright. Writing about a male dominant world. Typically viewed as a feminist play. BDWY 1916 Focus on gender issues and gender roles. Ambiguous circumstances. Condemn. Attempt to exemplify the real-life scene. (Hossack -> Wright) – Ironic to change the surname to W-“Right”. Theatron – “seeing place” Stage directions – like subtle blinking. More natural. Style of play: naturalism. Deeper level/meaning/beyond surface of words: subtext. Naturalistic opening/realistic events and established. Subtle. Symbols: Birdcage and bird are dominant. She uses it dramatically; they relate to themes of play – the way the bird was strangled was the same as the husband. Strangulation the way Wright felt. This was a huge case during this time period. (The play is based off the Hossack trial.) An isolated case. Other symbols: a lot of contrasts between her being single and married. Explores idea of irony. She’s so fastidious yet she has such a sloppy household. Dram 120 ~ 8/31/2011 ~ Origins & Space: Euripides’
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{Dram} ~ Lecture Notes Before Exam 1 - Dram 120 ~ Drama(Raw...

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