Lectures after Midterm 1 ~ Drama

Lectures after Midterm 1 ~ Drama - Unit 2: Melodrama to...

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Unit 2: Melodrama to Modern Drama Method o Context o Dramaturgy o Theatre practice Aristotle’s poetics o Same as in original lecture Vocab o Mimesis: imitation o Genre: kind/type o New Ones Tragedy Comedy Melodrama Melodrama (example is star wars and enemy of the state) o Popular, escapist, sentimental o Clear-cut morality o Focus on plot o Whole characters [part of complete piece] o External conflict o Emotional appeal o Restores status quo Modernist styles o Imitation, immersion, identification Naturalism - Ibsen o Accessible o o Daily behavior o Stable reality o Empathy o Verisilimilitude o Illusionism o Minimizing theatrically Theatre practices [more subtle of illusion of everyday people] o Director [rise of director] o Actor training [stanislasky] [Russian, first one to think of training] o Independent theatre movement [not as popular] Expressionism/supernaturalism - Strindberg o Distorted reality o Compressed/fragmented o Abtractions o Dreamlike/nightmarish o Emotional states immerse and alienate
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o Anti-naturalism, theatrically, subjective experience Vocab o Subtext (behind literal words/dialogue) A midsummer night’s dream o 19 th century dramaturgy Melodrama Well-made play Naturalism Anti-naturalism; expressionism Vocab o Well-made play = WMP; scribe o Well-unmade play=WUMP: Ibsen o Supernaturalism: Stringberg
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Lectures after Midterm 1 ~ Drama - Unit 2: Melodrama to...

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