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IntrotoWorldReligionsonline - 5 Categories of Religions 5...

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Intro to World Religions 5 Major World Religions: 1. Judaism 2. Christianity 3. Islam 4. Hinduism 5. Buddhism Intro to World Religions 5 Categories of Religions: 1. Monotheism Belief in 1 god (ex. Judaism, Christianity, & Islam) 2. Polytheism Belief in more than 1 god (ex. Hinduism) Intro to World Religions 5 Categories of Religions: 3.Non-theistic Does not worship any god (ex. Buddhism) 4. Atheism Belief there is no supernatural Intro to World Religions
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Unformatted text preview: 5 Categories of Religions: 5. Animism Worship of nature spirits (ex. Native Americans) Intro to World Religions Proselytize To try to convert someone to your religion Now go back and write questions on the left side of your Cornell line. After you write questions, answer the following Reflection question: Relate a religion you know about to one or more of the terms in the notes....
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