UNIT 13 study guide

UNIT 13 study guide - Footnotes- to the financials...

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UNIT 13 1) Cash Flow statement a. Operating a.i. Net income a.i.1. Revenue a.i.2. Expenses a.ii. Short-term assets a.iii. Short-term liabilities b. Investing b.i. Long term Assets c. Financing c.i. Long-term liabilities c.ii. Owner’s equity (excluding net income) How does it articulate in income statement and balance sheet? 3) Securities Exchange act 1934 •Created the SEC •Required registration to issue publicly •“Publicly-traded Companies” •“Initial Offering” •Prospectus •Annual Reports •Independent Financial Audit What does is mean by “public offering”? 4) And 7) Corporate Annual Report •Publicly Available and filed with the SEC (report 10-k) •Financial Statements (4)
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Unformatted text preview: Footnotes- to the financials MD&A- management discussion and analysis Internal control report Independent Auditors Report- must be CPAs Governance (Board of Directors) Management (Executive Management) Financial reports-balance sheet o assets o liabilities o equity-income statement o revenue o expenses o profit-statement of cash flows o operating o investing o financing-statement of owners equity o Beginning Balances: Capital Stock at Par Additional Paid-In Capital Retained Earnings o + New Stock Issues o + Net Income o-Dividends Paid o-Buyback of Treasury Shares...
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UNIT 13 study guide - Footnotes- to the financials...

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