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1. : Persuasion Paper and PowerPoint™ presentation Select two health care organizations that have been approved by the faculty and compile a 1400-1750 word persuasion paper. Provide observations and recommendations on the selected organizations’ productivity and efficiency. Compare and contrast organizational structures and how they do or do not support productivity and efficiency. In addition, develop a management plan specific to each organization. Include in the professional development plan: o Compare and contrast the two organizations communication skills. What similarities or differences exist? Which approach is better in managing a health care organization? o What is the management style of the two organizations? Which do you believe is more effective for the organization? Why? o What motivation methodologies are used? What strengths or weaknesses are evident with
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Unformatted text preview: managements use of this methodology? What recommendations would you make in order to increase motivation at each organization? o How well do the two organizations manage conflict? What strategies or recommendations would you make to aid each organization? o What is the culture within each organization? How are the two organizations similar or different? What can the managers at each organization do to change the culture of their organization? o What suggestions would you make to each organization in terms of developing their management staff? Utilize a minimum of four research sources, with two from the UOPX Library and two from the course textbook, to support your claims. Present your subject matter using 10-15 PowerPoint Please see the Persuasion Assignment document on the rEsource page for more information....
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