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HSC 413 week 2 Assignment

HSC 413 week 2 Assignment - budgeting opening or closing of...

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Individual Assignment: Management in the News Paper • Locate a recent (within last three years) journal or news article about a management problem in a health care organization. In a 1050-1750 word paper, summarize the problem and describe the manager’s role as well as the management and/or motivation theory that applies to the issue. Discuss the management and/or motivation theory that can be applied in order to resolve the problem and how it was resolved or is in the process of being resolved. Suggested topics might include staffing, recruitment, unionization, reorganization,
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Unformatted text preview: budgeting, opening or closing of departments or facilities, promotions, and changes in personnel mix. • Identify the resolution or attempted resolution, and provide your comments about the role of the manager based on this week’s readings. Utilize a minimum of three research sources, with two from the UOPX Library and one from the course textbook, to support your claims. Please see the “Management in the News” document located on the resource page for more information....
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