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Ant 111 Review Sheet Exam 1 - Learned Adaptive Symbolic...

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What is Anthropology? Physical/Biological Anthropology- Archaeology- Linguistic Anthropology- Sociocultural Anthropology Others: Applied Anthropology- Applied Archaeology Hallmarks of Anthropology Holistic - Breadth- Comparative- Fieldwork- What is Fieldwork? Ethnography- Participant Observation- Bronislaw Malinowski (Off the Verandah) Gatekeeper Cultural Consultant/Expert Collaborative Anthropology- Interviews Emic vs. Etic- The issue of Ethics and Institutional Review Board (IRB) Considerations.- Some Concepts Ethnocentrism- Cultural Relativism- Racism- Culture Shock- Globalization- Transnational Anthropology What is Culture? Culture- Material Culture (Tangible) Non-Material Culture (Intangible) Characteristics of Culture Shared Integrated Transmitted
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Unformatted text preview: Learned Adaptive Symbolic Some Cultural Concepts Enculturation- Acculturation Norms-Values -Mores Diffusion Theories of Culture Cognitive Anthropology- Historical Particularism (Franz Boas)- Cultural Evolutionism (E.B. Tylor; L.H. Morgan)- Symbolic Anthropology (Clifford Geertz)-Functionalism (Emile Durkheim; Bronislaw Malinowski; A. R. Radcliffe Brown…)-Feminist Anthropology- pg 59 Language Communication - Conventionality-/Arbitrary; Productive-; Displacement-Morphemes (Basic unit of a language that has meaning)- Phonemes (smallest unit of a sound in a language). -Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Ebonics/AAVE- Code Switching- Proxemics-Kinesics- Nigel Barley Reading Any issues?...
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