Chapter 6 notes 3:31

Chapter 6 notes 3:31 - Chapter 6: Switched Wired Networks...

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Chapter 6: Switched Wired Networks Perspective o Switched Network Standards Data Link layer standards Switch/Frame organization Physical Layer Standards UTP and Optical Fiber Adds standard: specific signaling LAN Standards: Ethernet Wired LANs: Low cost/adequate performance Switched WANs Leased line networks o Company leases lines to connect sites Public Switched Data Networks (PSDNs) Vendor manages switching cloud Installs single leased line from each site to POP o POP: Point of Presence Frame Relay dominant standard Ethernet o 802 Committee Committee of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) o Created 802 LAN/MAN standards Committee for LAN standards Creates working groups for standards 802.1 – general standards 802.3 – Ethernet standards o Has data link layer stds (frame organization, switch operation etc) o When standards are finished, vendors build compliant products 802.11 – wireless LAN standards 802.16 WiMax wireless metro area network standards Ethernet Physical Layer Standards o Network Interface Card (NIC) Connector plus into main circuit board (motherboard) UTP and Fiber Media Standards + Ethernet-Specific Signaling Standards = Ethernet Physical Layer Standards o Faster Optical Fiber 1 Gbps with 1,310 nm signaling: 500 m 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps 802.4 Working Group ratified 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps stds o Baseband Transmission Signal injected into medium Less expensive ; regeneration allows long distance transmission Simpler, so it dominates LANs o Broadband Transmission
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Signal is modulated into and sent in radio channel Carries signals farther with amplifiers o Link Aggregation (Trunking/Bonding) Two links provide 2 Gbps of trunk capacity b/w switches
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Chapter 6 notes 3:31 - Chapter 6: Switched Wired Networks...

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