Chapter 6 notes cont. 4:2

Chapter 6 notes cont. 4:2 - Ethernet Data Link Layer(MAC...

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Ethernet Data Link Layer (MAC) Standards o Layering in 802 Networks Internet Layer TCP/IP Internet Layer Stds o IP, ARP, etc Other Internet Layer Stds o IPX etc Physical Layer 100BASE-TX; 1000BASE-SX; Non-Ethernet Layer 1 Stds (802.11, etc) Data Link Layer Logical Link Control Layer o 802.2 = single LLC standard o Handles work for all 802 standards Media Access Control Layer o 802 Committee divided data link layer into logical link control and media access control layers o 802.3 MAC layer standard Non-Ethernet Mac Stds (802.11, 802.16 etc) MAC layer handles standard-specific matters o Ethernet has single MAC layer standard o Ethernet MAC Layer Frame Preamble (7 octets of 10101010 synch) Start frame delimiter (10101011 end synch) First two fields synch receiver and senders clocks Destination MAC Address: 48 bits Source MAC address: 48 Bits o MAC add. Fields 48 bits long, represented in hexadecimal notation (base 16) o D i v i d e 48-bit address into 12 four-bit nibbles Each divided into Hex symbol Two hex symbols combined into pairs A1-36-CD-7B-DF begins with 10100001 for A1, followed by 00110110 for 36 Tag Protocol ID (TPID); Tag control info (TCI) Optional: used for priority levels
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Chapter 6 notes cont. 4:2 - Ethernet Data Link Layer(MAC...

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