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Name:____________________ Minerals in our Everyday Life On Thursday, April 9 th we will hold a class discussion on the practical uses of common minerals. You have been assigned a mineral below. Before the class discussion you should use the library and WWW (links provided on class web page - http://scidiv.bcc.ctc.edu/rv/101/) to answer the following questions about your mineral. Be prepared to make a very short (1 minute) summary of these questions to the class and turn in this worksheet at the end of the discussion. Your Mineral: _________________________ (1) To what family does your mineral belong? (e.g., silicates, carbonates, sulfides, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: (2) What is its chemical formula? (Be as specific as possible.) (3) Name one place in the world where your mineral is found. (4) What are some common modern or historic uses of your mineral? (These can be uses of the mineral itself, or uses of the elements that are commonly extracted from the mineral.) (5) What are some of the environmental and/or human impacts of the mining, transport, use and/or disposal of your mineral or the products made from it? (Use back to answer.)...
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