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Sp09_101_Prelab2 - fingernail copper(pre-1983 penny(3 Which...

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Name: Geology 101 – Prelab Assignment Lab 2 – Minerals Due: Tuesday, April 7 Instructions: After completing the assigned lab readings complete the following prelab assignment before coming to lab. Assignments will not be accepted after the beginning of class on the due date. Readings: Review the background materials for Lab 2 in the lab manual (p. 12-21). In addition, read through the section of Chapter 2 in your textbook on Mineral Properties and Common Rock-Forming Minerals. Questions: (1) List 5 properties used to identify minerals. (2) Moh’s Hardness Scale ranges from 1 to 10. On that scale, what is the hardness of: glass plate:
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Unformatted text preview: fingernail: copper (pre-1983) penny: (3) Which is more useful for identifying a mineral – color or streak? (circle one) (4) The most common family of minerals that make up the crust of the Earth are the (circle one): carbonates / sulfates / silicates / phosphates (5) Practice using the ID charts on pages 18-21 to identify the 2 minerals described below. (a) Mineral name: _________________ Description: Metallic luster, black streak, softer than a fingernail, greasy feel, no obvious cleavage planes (b) Mineral name: _________________ Description: Nonmetallic (vitreous) luster, dark red color, harder than glass, no cleavage planes...
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