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Sp09_101_Prelab7 - (2 Lines of latitude longitude(circle...

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Name: Geology 101 – Prelab Assignment Lab 7 – Topographic Maps Due: Thursday, June 4 Instructions: After completing the assigned lab readings complete the following prelab assignment before coming to lab. Assignments will not be accepted after the beginning of class on the due date. Readings: Review the background materials for Lab 7 in the lab manual (p. 79-83). Questions: (1) The Seattle area is North / East / South / West (circle one) of the equator and is North / East / South / West (circle one) of the prime meridian.
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Unformatted text preview: (2) Lines of latitude / longitude (circle one) run North to South (from pole to pole) and are described as being North-South / East-West (circle one) of the ___________________. (3) The contour map to the right shows a hill (elevations are in feet). What is the elevation of the contour line at the top of the hill? (4) The trail up Mt. Si in North Bend rises 4000 ft in 4 miles. What is the gradient of the Mt. Si trail (in feet per mile)?...
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