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Name: Geology 101 – Prelab Assignment Lab 8 – Earthquakes Due: Tuesday, May 19 Readings: Review the background materials for Lab 8 in the lab manual (p. 89-91). In addition, read through the section of Chapter 7 in your textbook on Metamorphic Rocks. Questions: For this prelab, I’d like you to complete Part C of the actual lab assignment (reprinted below). Turn in the certificate for this assignment by the beginning of lab on Tuesday. (Note – it is a lot easier and shorter than the last certificate!) Part C. Locating a Earthquake – Web Exercise 4. We’ll use an online simulated earthquake locator to see how geologists typically locate the
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Unformatted text preview: epicenter of an earthquake. To complete this exercise you should: Open and internet browser, such as Netscape Navigator, Internet Explore or Safari, on your home computer or in one of the campus computer lab. (You may use the Science Study Center – S114) Visit the Virtual Earthquake Page at http://www.sciencecourseware.com/VirtualEarthquake/ Choose the "Execute Virtual Earthquake" to start the assignment. Complete the questions. Print out the "Virtual Seismologist Certificate" with your name and turn it in to me....
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