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Name: Geology 101 – Prelab Assignment Lab 9 – Plate Tectonics Due: Thursday, May 28 Instructions: After completing the assigned lab readings complete the following prelab assignment before coming to lab. Assignments will not be accepted after the beginning of class on the due date. Readings: Review the background materials for Lab 9 in the lab manual (p. 101-2, 105). In addition, read Chapter 12 (particularly the section on plate motion). Questions: (1) Examine the simple plate map below showing a divergent boundary between Plate A and
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Unformatted text preview: Plate B: (a) What is the absolute velocity of Plate A? (b) What is the relative velocity of the two plates (i.e., how fast are they diverging)? (2) What is the velocity of a plate that has moved 1000 km in 10 Myrs? Answer in: (a) __________ kilometers per million years (km/Mys) (b) __________ centimeters per year (cm/yr) (3) What does “reversed magnetic polarity “ mean? Plate A Plate B 6 cm/yr 6 cm/yr...
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