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BIO1130 lab1_instruct - Instructions for the Mer Bleue Lab...

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Instructions for the Mer Bleue Lab 1- General instructions: 1- Read the manual and know your plants 2- Meet at 2:20PM Mon-Thu and 12:50 on Friday in front of Lamoureux Hall 3- Meet your TAs in front of your bus (see bus assignment on the Lab web site). 2- Timeline: - Day 0: Trip to Mer Bleue - Day +1 (at the latest): Enter your observation in BIO1130-Labs virtual campus : click on the “Mer Bleue data entry” link and answer the questionnaire. - Day +1/+2: Download the combined data sheet from the lab web site - Day +7 before 5:00PM : Hand in report version 1. You will receive your corrected version 1 during lab 2. Version 2 (optional): Hand in version 2 of your report together with corrected version 1 before 5:00PM after getting your correct V1. Corrected V2 will be returned during Lab3. Dates for all section are posted in the “Mer Bleue hand-in date” file + Your TAs will announce the hand-in dates during the lab. Use the plant assignment tool on the web site to know what plant is “your plant” for the Mer
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